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Charlie: An Adventure Set Build

Dangerclub produced sets for Red Egg Theater’s production Charlie: An Adventure in 2012

Rotating Backdrop for Charlie: An Adventure

Columns: Luan on 2×2 frames, pivoting on 1″ diameter metal conduit.

Bed: Repurposed child’s bed with extended legs.

Tree Branches: Plywood with hinges.


I had the idea for these columns bouncing around in my head for a long time before I found the ideal application. They appear to hover above the stage and are mounted on central pivot pins and rotate on inverted castor wheels fixed to a central bar.


Book of Tink Set Build

Dangerclub produced sets for Red Egg Theater’s production Book of Tink in 2011

Book of Tink set


Lost Boys’ Home: Plywood and 2×4 structure. Rope ladders built from 2×3 and climbing rope.

Mechanical Crocodile: Cardboard structure with Aluminium tape wrapping and Aluminium handmade scales.

Geoffrey the Crocodile was inspired by the articulation found in Lego Crocodiles. He is a wholly cardboard structure with wooden pins for articulation and manipulation. He is skinned with Aluminium HVAC tape for a metal finish without the cost or weight, and is finished with hundreds of handmade aluminium scales fixed with screws.

The director asked for “A Human Sized Cat Tree” for the home of the Lost Boys. This structure had to be substantial yet movable as the stage had to be cleared each night. The structure has two caves built into it and Three different platforms on top. A single fixed ladder and two rope ladders provide access to the top platforms and crow’s nest.

This set has found new life with another theater company and is currently used for children’s improv classes.


What Happened in Hamelin Set Build

Dangerclub produced sets for Red Egg Theater’s production What Happened in Hamelin in 2010

What Happened in Hamelin hill detailWhat Happened in Hamelin Backdrop


Hill: 1/2″ Plywood with Wire armature covered with batting and canvas. Lit from within and inside Cardboard houses.

Cave Mouth: Plywood fascia on 2×4 frame.

Clothes Pile: Cardboard understructure with clothing covering.

Rat Drop: 6x 1×3 rails, hinged and deployed with a synchronized release pulley system to drop 100+ stuffed rats onto audience. This was incredibly fun to build and see in action.




Camelot Set Build

Dangerclub produced sets for Red Egg Theater’s production Puppet Camelot in 2010

Puppet Camelot set

Here’s a low-res video fo the Giant Pop-Up Book, please ignore me awkwarding on camera.

Red Egg Pop Up

For this show I decided to carry the Pop-Up theme from the core set piece throughout the set elements. The Castle wall extends out from the theatre wall in an accordion fold and the trees and shrubbery are brought onstage folded and unfolded to reveal their true shape.

Trees/Shrubs: 1/2″ Plywood.

Castle Wall: Thin Plywood (thickness not noted).

Lectern: 2×4 framing.

Book: 1×2 frame with Luan pages and elements.

Tent: 1/2 PVC Pipe frame with fabric cover.


The Pop-Up Book makes the set, it was incredibly fun to build. We started out by making the pages hinged top and bottom, each page then had diagonal rails set into it to support the folding elements. The folding parts started out as 4’x4′ squares, hinged at one edge. We then trimmed the bottom edges on the diagonal to allow them to sit vertical when the book was fully open. Next we trimmed the corners that were visible when the book was closed. From here we were able to lay designs onto the blanks and shape as needed.



Goldfish in Alaska Set Build

Dangerclub produced sets for Red Egg Theater’s production Goldfish in Alaska in 2009

set for Goldfish in Alaska

Set elements:

Fence: Rebar, Salvaged pipe, 2×4, steel fencing wire.

Hill: 2×4 frame, Plywood sheathing, Astroturf and brown fabric.

Graves: Plywood with Papier Maché.

Silhouette Backdrop: OSB board with 2×2 reinforcement, supported by low profile shelf brackets to decrease trip hazard.

Clouds: Cardboard and batting.


The Backdrop was made from 3 sheets of OSB; one upright, two laid horizontal for a total length of 16ft and a height at the top of the tree of 8ft.

The Hill was made in three pieces, to be assembled and carpeted in place.

The Fence was made from salvaged materials and was decorated with paper flowers.