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Rolling Board Game Cart


Some friends of mine host a regular board game night at our office. They store their games in the basement and they have quite a lot of games so they’ve been borrowing a rough crate from me for a while. I’ve been meaning to put something together for them thats a little more civilized. 

I planned the build to make maximum use of two sheets of MDF with the least waste possible

my rough plan board

Once I had all the panels cut down it was time to round the edges. 

i used a roundover bit on a palm router to make the edges more user friendly.

On each project I do I try to learn a new skill or process. This time I decided to try pocket hole joining to pull the panels together. 

I used my Kreg pocket jig to set holes in the panels

I added pocket holes every 6 inches along each joined edge with an extra one 2 inches from the end of each edge.

The pocket hole joints worked great, once all the holes were prepped it all came together pretty well. 

assembling the end panel, base panel and central spine panel.

cabinet awaiting shelves.

Once everything was put together it was time to add wheels. 

finished product

plenty of room for games

Folding board game tabletops


Years ago I decided that our 3ft square table wasn’t big enough to play board games on. I went through a couple of iterations of a removable topper before settling on using surface recessed sewing maching hinges. 

this was a test of freehand routing to set the hinges.

These hinges allow the tabletop to fold up on itself for storage. 

The table worked great for years but I never got round to finishing it. Raw plywood, even when sanded, gets dirty

left side is before sanding, right side is after sanding.

So when some friends expressed an interest in having me help them in making a similar table for themselves I decided that I would take the opportunity to finally finish mine. I also d cided to make a 6ft by 4ft topper for bigger games. 

original topper, sanded and about to be stained

after stain

Max applying the first coat of polyurethane

in place, ready for games!

starting to set hinges on the 6ft by 4ft table

I put 4 hinges on the 6ft long version to help offset buckling

6 footer after stain

6ft tabletop all finished up and ready to use.

after 2 coats of poly

for my friends’ tabletop I sanded between the first and second coat of poly. I also added a third coat of poly for extra protection.