Book of Tink Set Build

Dangerclub produced sets for Red Egg Theater’s production Book of Tink in 2011

Book of Tink set


Lost Boys’ Home: Plywood and 2×4 structure. Rope ladders built from 2×3 and climbing rope.

Mechanical Crocodile: Cardboard structure with Aluminium tape wrapping and Aluminium handmade scales.

Geoffrey the Crocodile was inspired by the articulation found in Lego Crocodiles. He is a wholly cardboard structure with wooden pins for articulation and manipulation. He is skinned with Aluminium HVAC tape for a metal finish without the cost or weight, and is finished with hundreds of handmade aluminium scales fixed with screws.

The director asked for “A Human Sized Cat Tree” for the home of the Lost Boys. This structure had to be substantial yet movable as the stage had to be cleared each night. The structure has two caves built into it and Three different platforms on top. A single fixed ladder and two rope ladders provide access to the top platforms and crow’s nest.

This set has found new life with another theater company and is currently used for children’sĀ improv classes.


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