Laser-engraved Engagement Ring


Back in the heady days of 2014, when I decided it was high time I proposed to Adrienne, I gave a good deal of thought to what kind of ring would suit. With herĀ being Irish, I thought a Claddagh ring would be rather fitting. The thing is, I wasn’t much taken with most of the designs out there. Besides, I wanted something more personal, something I could make (or at least design) myself.

I settled upon trying my hands at a wooden ring. I ordered some peachwood from an online vendor who specializes in fruitwoods, gleaned from local orchards. Peach has special significance to us (I’m not telling what). My initial attempts to carve a ring were somewhat successful, but actually carving the design didn’t work out. I ended up enlisting the help of Mr Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Studios. He graciously assisted me in fabricating the ring, using his laser cutter.

For the Claddagh design itself, I put Adrienne’sĀ initial in the heart and modified the crown to something a little less wonky than the usual. I think I re-drew the hands as well.

I proposed in a small cafe in Paris, after a lovely day of traipsing about the city. She said yes.


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