Goldfish in Alaska Set Build

Dangerclub produced sets for Red Egg Theater’s production Goldfish in Alaska in 2009

set for Goldfish in Alaska

Set elements:

Fence:¬†Rebar, Salvaged pipe, 2×4, steel fencing wire.

Hill: 2×4 frame, Plywood sheathing, Astroturf and brown fabric.

Graves: Plywood with Papier Maché.

Silhouette Backdrop: OSB board with 2×2 reinforcement, supported by low profile shelf brackets to decrease trip hazard.

Clouds: Cardboard and batting.


The Backdrop was made from 3 sheets of OSB; one upright, two laid horizontal for a total length of 16ft and a height at the top of the tree of 8ft.

The Hill was made in three pieces, to be assembled and carpeted in place.

The Fence was made from salvaged materials and was decorated with paper flowers.

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