Camelot Set Build

Dangerclub produced sets for Red Egg Theater’s production Puppet Camelot in 2010

Puppet Camelot set

Here’s a low-res video fo the Giant Pop-Up Book, please ignore me awkwarding on camera.

Red Egg Pop Up

For this show I decided to carry the Pop-Up theme from the core set piece throughout the set elements. The Castle wall extends out from the theatre wall in an accordion fold and the trees and shrubbery are brought onstage folded and unfolded to reveal their true shape.

Trees/Shrubs: 1/2″ Plywood.

Castle Wall: Thin Plywood (thickness not noted).

Lectern: 2×4 framing.

Book: 1×2 frame with Luan pages and elements.

Tent: 1/2 PVC Pipe frame with fabric cover.


The Pop-Up Book makes the set, it was incredibly fun to build. We started out by making the pages hinged top and bottom, each page then had diagonal rails set into it to support the folding elements. The folding parts started out as 4’x4′ squares, hinged at one edge. We then trimmed the bottom edges on the diagonal to allow them to sit vertical when the book was fully open. Next we trimmed the corners that were visible when the book was closed. From here we were able to lay designs onto the blanks and shape as needed.



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